Why it works

Synergy makes it easier than ever to protect the life you lead and the people you love. With Synergy, you get solid insurance protection across three risk areas.

Three risk areas


2Critical illness protection

3Life protection

Disability insurance to age 65 if you can't work in your regular occupation because of illness or injury.

Waiting period of 90 days.

Critical illness insurance to age 65 for 24 conditions.

Early Intervention Benefit provides coverage for the early stages of some cancers and coronary angioplasty.

Recovery Benefit provides fast access to a portion of your benefit so you can begin your recovery sooner.

Term life insurance to age 65.

Best of all, with the pooled money concept, you get a life insurance policy, a disability insurance policy and a critical illness insurance policy in one affordable solution.

Not cheap talk - here's proof

Look how Synergy compares to purchasing separate term, disability and critical illness insurance products*

$250,000 Synergy amount of insurance

Renewable monthly premiums for male, non-smoker*


Stand-alone Products


Savings $

Savings %
















The Manulife stand-alone products used in this example are:

$250,000 Family Term, Healthstyle 3, Term-10 with Total Disability Waiver Rider (TDW)

$62,500 Lifecheque, Renewable 10-year with Waiver of Premium (WP)

$1,250 Venture Series, 2A, 90 day EP, to age 65 Benefit Period (BP)

*Rates may change at anytime

* Due to Synergy’s unique benefit pool of money concept and the bundled policies structure, there are material differences when comparing Synergy to stand-alone insurance products, including (i) total amount of insurance, (ii) impact of benefit payments on other insurance, (iii) types of exclusions, (iv) coverage duration and (v) contractual provisions. If you have questions about these differences you should discuss them with your advisor.