There's more to talk about? Plenty

Synergy not only offers solid insurance protection for life's everyday risks, it includes these added features:

Customize by adding optional riders

Term Insurance rider provides additional term life insurance (10 year renewable to age 65).

Child Protection rider - life and the Child Protection rider - critical illness provide protection for your children up to age 25.

Gain access to Manulife's Health Service Navigator (HSN)

Provides information about the Canadian health care system.

Offers a medical second opinion service.

Available for you and all eligible dependants as soon as you have your Synergy solution - you don't have to make a claim to use it.

* Health Service Navigator is powered by Novus Health™ and WorldCare Inc.

Disability waiver

Your monthly Synergy premium is waived while you're on claim for a disability.

Easier disability application process

No need to provide occupation class.

No supporting proof of income required.

Insurance protection into the future

Synergy expires at age 65.

But you have an option to protect your loved ones well into the future.

You can purchase a Manulife permanent life insurance product if you have an available amount of insurance remaining when your Synergy solution ends at age 65 - no medical underwriting required.*

The amount of permanent insurance you can purchase - without medical underwriting - is limited to your remaining available amount of insurance and Manulife's minimum limits for the product you choose.

* This option is not available if you have received a critical illness covered condition benefit.